NSIDC Special Reports

The National Snow and Ice Data Center publishes special reports on data related topics. They are not published at regular frequency and are co-authored by at least one NSIDC employee. NSIDC Special Reports 1, 2, and 3 were data users guides. Special Reports 1 and 2 have been superseded by NSIDC data set documentation.

NSIDC Special Report - 4 (Abstract; PDF, 7.9 MB): Atmospheric and Sea Ice Characteristics of the Arctic Ocean and the SHEBA Field Region of the Beaufort Sea (M. C. Serreze, J. A. Maslanik, and J. Key)

NSIDC Special Report - 5: An Intercomparison of DMSP F11- and F13-Derived Sea Ice Products (J. Stroeve, X. Li, and J. Maslanik)

NSIDC Special Report - 6: An Evaluation of the Results from Using NearestNeighbor and Area Min/Max Resampling Methods to Regrid AARI Digitized Sea Ice Charts to EASE-Grid (R. F. Kokaly)

NSIDC Special Report - 7: Impact of Various Processing Options on SSM/I-derived Brightness Temperatures (J. Stroeve)

NSIDC Special Report - 8 (PDF file, 959 KB): Summary of Ice-Motion Mapping Using Passive Microwave Data (J. Maslanik, T. Agnew, M. Drinkwater, W. Emery, C. Fowler, R. Kwok, and A. Liu)

NSIDC Special Report - 9: Methods for Regridding AARI Data in SIGRID Format to the EASE-Grid Projection (R. F. Kokaly)

NSIDC Special Report - 10 (PDF file, 39 KB): Comparison of Near Real-Time DMSP SSM/I Daily Polar Gridded Products and SSM/I Polar Gridded Products (J. Stroeve and J. Smith)

NSIDC Special Report - 11 (PDF file, 355 KB): National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center SNOw Data Assimilation System (SNODAS) Products at NSIDC (A. Barrett)

NSIDC Special Report - 12: An Introduction to EOS Data in the EOSDIS Core System (ECS) at NSIDC (J. Maurer and A. Leon)

NSIDC Special Report - 13 (PDF, 1.8 MB): A Selection of Documentation Related To National Ice Center Sea Ice Charts in Digital Format (F. Fetterer)

NSIDC Special Report - 14 (PDF, 23.3 MB): Handbook for community-based sea ice monitoring (A. Mahoney and S. Gearheard)

NSIDC Special Report -15 (PDF, 440 KB): Data on the Geographical Distribution of Sea Ice (R. Barry)

NSIDC Special Report -16 (PDF, 5.8 MB): Sea Ice In the Climate System: A Russian View (V. F. Zakharov)